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Welcome to the SCIONN website. SCIONN is the abbreviation of Spinal Cord Injury investigatiOn Network Netherlands or in (partly) Dutch 'Spinal Cord Injury OnderzoeksNetwerk Nederland'. Scion also means a shoot or sprout of a plant. Research is in that sense a scion, which leads hopefully in the future to improved rehabilitation!

On SCIONN you can find information of the ZonMw sponsored rehabilitation research programs 'Restoration of mobility' and 'ALLRISC'. These multi-centre & multidisciplinary research programs are a strong collaboration between 5 research groups and 8 large SCI-specialized rehabilitation centres in the Netherlands.

The first rehabilitation research program 'Restoration of mobility in SCI rehabilitation' started in 1999 initially with 5 projects but currently consists of 19 highly complementary  projects, funded by the ZON-Rehabilitation program in collaboration with NWO-Medical Sciences, as well as other smaller third money partners.

In 2010 the second rehabilitation research program 'Active LifestyLe Interventions in aging Spinal Cord injury (ALLRISC)' was granted by ZonMw and Fonds NutsOhra. This program will start in 2010 with 4 PhD projects. 

If you would like to read more about both rehabilitation research programs and their projects, you can click on the program titles on the left side of this webpage.

If you have any further questions, please contact us or any of the other members of the research team!






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